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Get the best quality tenant, at the highest possible rent, in the least amount of time! Our proven, risk-free Leasing Service is a no-brainer because you only pay after we deliver results.

Our Leasing Service

Who is this for?

  1. Property is vacant,or will be soon, and you need to locate a qualified tenant
  2. You DON’T have the time to properly advertise and show your property
  3. You DON’T know where or how to pull credit and national criminal background checks
  4. You DON’T want to spend the time or money with an attorney to draft and execute a proper lease agreement
  5. You are hiring us to manage the property for you
  6. OR, you have the experience and time to manage the property yourself

Need a Manager? See our Property Management Service.

What’s Included?

  • FREE Rental Analysis to help determine the market rental rate for your property
  • Marketing photos of your property
  • Advertise the property on hundreds of websites including major sites like:,,,,,, etc.
  • Place yard sign and lock box for showings
  • Take all of the calls and internet leads for your property and follow up
  • Personally conduct all of the property showings to prospective renters with our own employees
  • Handle any questions from potential tenants
  • Hand out all regulatory real estate disclosures to potential renters
  • Personally conduct the application and screening process
  • Run all prospective renters through our customized screening process which includes background checks, national criminal checks, and credit checks.
  • Draft  lease agreement and provide all required disclosures

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